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Appreciation Leads to Increases in Brevard Beachside Inventory

With double digit increases in current listings, the Brevard County Island housing market continues at a strong pace, reports Coldwell Banker Paradise in their recently released Mid-Year Housing Report. Many homeowners, especially at the over $500K price point, have recovered enough equity to start exploring their options.  To continue reading, click here

Happy Independence Day!

While the calendar says July 4th, we know it truly is Independence Day. It’s a national holiday that oozes with patriotic pride and the taste of a backyard barbecue. We think of holidays at home being focused on Christmas or Thanksgiving, but for me July 4th is one of those holidays too. You may be able to […]

cheap snapbacks O’Connor was first elected

“On a sunny day, the children were standing on chairs looking out the window. I left that one crying. Another was located in the basement of a church and was way overcrowded; the third (was) new, with no track record. Outfielder Tyson Gillies of Kamloops has been plagued with hamstring problems through most of his […]

4 generations 12 international cricketers 1 coach

4 generations 12 international cricketers 1 coach replica oakley sunglasses San Luis Reservoir and O’Neill Forebay Wind has been the major inhibitor of fishing in the main San Luis Reservoir, but stripers are starting to school in preparation for the annual spawn. The water level in the main lake continues to fall on a daily […]

The artifacts and other memorabilia

The artifacts and other memorabilia purportedly were destined for several museums Reed planned for the city. Investigators with the Office of Attorney General recovered many of these city owned items as they executed search warrants at Reed office and home, the grand jury presentment states. Many of the artifacts were reported to be in poor […]

I Rest My CaseI Rest My Case

There, I Rest My Case. My response is, the commentary stems from a 2001 article by Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune. For those of you who are not familiar with Mr. 1, 2014. An evidentiary panel of the District 4 Grievance Committee found that respondent failed to promptly comply with reasonable requests for information […]

Wendell Berry

Wendell Berry: “The issue of human violence is not one you are going to be able to escape. You are going to suffer it, whether you try to ignore it or try to do something about it. Violence, in short, is the norm of our economic life and our national security. The line that connects […]

During an interview with detectives

During an interview with detectives, Hutton denied any knowledge of the shooting of Gary and claimed he hadn’t been in that area in the previous three days. He also denied he had any guns in his car. He told detectives he had watched the NBA playoffs that night and then went to visit his wife’s […]

You know

“You know, we go to sleep at night and wake up hoping it’s just a bad dream.”Yarmey’s parents appeared at the Edmonton Law Courts Thursday to show support for their son and warn about the dangers of fentanyl.Parents of man charged w/ manslaughter in fentanyl death defend son. He was addicted to the drug. She […]

Think it is nice to inspire

Think it is nice to inspire and if we bring the things right to the stores we are never going to be billionaires like Zara, Mango and H Giamba said. Do fashion, of course, to sell. It a priority. “It’s exciting,” said Gonzalez, who leaves for Surprise Feb. 11, four days before reporting day. “You […]