Sherry Carrigan, Loving What I do, Doing What I Love

Sherry lives with her husband Pat and two cats, Missy and Denver, in the heart of Sebastian. Giant bougenvillea bushes line their driveway on both sides creating a welcoming burst of color to greet visitors cheerfully upon entering their property.

“I just love gardening,” claimed Sherry, “That – and decorating. I am never so happy as when I have my hands in dirt and I am making things grow.”
It’s clear upon entering Sherry’s home that her special knack for making her surroundings beautiful is a clear reflection of the lovely person she is, inside and out.

“I’ve always enjoyed home decorating,” said Sherry, “That is what prompted me to get into selling Real Estate 17 years ago. I know how important my surroundings are to me and my sense of well being…and I always think about that when I am showing property to others. Finding that right home is one of the most powerful things a person or family can do to change life for the better…and I like being a part of that.”

When she is not taking new listings or showing property, Sherry enjoys spending time with her identical twin sister Sheila. “I also still like going on dates with my husband – we like to kick up our heels and feel young on Saturday nights!”

Whatever your real estate needs are, let Sherry help you! Sherry has that Midus touch that will turn any real estate experience into a golden opportunity!

Homes are selling like hot cakes! Let me list your home today! Call me at 772-532-5198 – Sherry

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