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Some people think that users of skin lightener only have themselves to blame when things go wrong, because they don’t have a sense of their own identity and are too quick to accept a Westernised look. Women of African Caribbean origin who do something as simple as straightening their hair are especially singled out for criticism. “Many black people still have the slave mentality, you know, we’re the underdog and always will be,” says Jen, 24, an African Studies graduate.

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He been there everyday. He pushed guys. He said this in a meeting: job, if I not in, is to make other guys better and to push them. Test cricket has been played for lengths of time varying from two days to unlimited; the LBW law has changed, the no ball law has changed, rolling and covering pitches has changed (I favour going back to uncovered pitches, then we will see who the best batsmen really are). The new ball has been granted to the fielding team from 50 overs onwards to not at all, and at one time you got a shiny new pill after 200 runs were scored. The latter playing condition did little for spin bowling and ultimately did little for the fans, which is probably why it lasted only one season.

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