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Committee members are: secre tary, Anne Parker; treasurer. Barbara Leete; publicity direct or, Margaret Maier: woraens representative, Polly Comegys and men’s representatives, AS Bob Gilman and AS Don Illig, In an effort to stimulate Con gressional action to provide means for the absentee voting of men and women in the armed forces, the Review will circulate petitions next Friday night demanding positive action. The recent defeat of the Green Lucas bill by the Senate, and their substitute proposal that absentee voting be left under state supervision means the virtual disfranchisement of approximately 10,000,000 fighting men and women.

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To spain during the year with their 729 peopleHoward Davis Review: Dick Frizzell At The Solander GalleryOne of the most influential and celebrated contemporary Pop artists working in New Zealand, Dick Frizzell is mostly known for his appropriation of kitsch Kiwiana icons, which he often incorporates into cartoon like paintings and lithographs. Not content with adhering to one particular style, he likes to adopt consciously unfashionable styles of painting, in a manner reminiscent of Roy Lichtenstein. More>>Old Music: Pop Icon Adam Ant Announces NZ TourFollowing his recent sold out North American and UK tours, Adam Ant is celebrating the 35th anniversary of the release of his landmark KINGS OF THE WILD FRONTIER album with a newly remastered reissue (Sony Legacy) and Australasian tour.

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